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We offer high quality high end replica Swiss and cloned watch for over 10 years. With advanced watch-making technology, we presented high-end quality Swiss replica Rolex chronograph watches which own nearly perfect performance as the original. Below are the features of our replica Rolex:

 1. Equipped with excellent Rolex cloned movement Swiss ETA2836/7750/7753 multi-functional chronograph movement, 28800bph.

2. Comprehensive performance material - real Ceramic rotated bezel (different from cheap and low quality watch which in steel instead in the market).

3. Our ceramic features bright lustre and never fade, high hardness, stable chemical performance, no harmful to skin (but pls far away from oil).

4. Using high quality solid 316L stainless steel, resistant to corrosion and high temperature,anti-scratch (different from weak quality 314 or 304 stainless steel which is easily scratch or damaged).

5. In suitable 10-30m daily waterproof, it doesn’t matter for rain, washing face or hands, but not allowed to swim or let it soaked in the water.

Nowadays, our replica Swiss Rolex is surfing in the watch market gradually and breaks the limits of sophisticated and distinguished, you will get the quality for what you pay. 


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Dear Customers:

My dear friends, if you want to buy watches in our websites, pls read the following carefully.

1.If you have serious perfect plot or genuine plot, pls walk away from our website and go to the Shoppe. (Some customers require the weight of the watch must the same as the genuine one. Replica is replica, if you use 1/100, 1/200 even 1/300 of the Shoppe price to buy the watch, however, use the magnifying glass and microscope to observe it; sorry you are not welcome in our store. All we can do is normally people can’t see the differences from the genuine one, no matter from the appearance or use. Although the watch in our site not the genuine one, but compare with the other cheap ones, the material that it takes is not in the same class, no matter from the movement or the appearance.

2 .As the reliable quality watch site, we are welcomed by lots of people. The soar of the shipment, we promise that we will arrange the shipment in 3~7days. If you can’t accept this, pls walk away. (You also hope the quality of your watch is reliable, don’t you? The watch itself is made by manual, the more careful of our masters, the more simulation of the watch will be. So pls don’t urge us about the delivery time, we wish to deliver the watch to you in the shortest time than whoever else .

3 .Before the delivery of the watch, we will examine the watch carefully (include appearance and time accuracy), we must make sure that the watch is perfect). So we do not accept refusing payment without any reasons, someone who have the habit of refusing payment for petty gain, pls walk away. Now, our website only accepts credit card payment in western country (USA, Australia, Canada, England, France, ect.).

4 .Ordering in our website means accept the above ones.